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You did a great job tonight, just as you did last night.

And while we don’t speak as much as we did, it was still nice to talk to you this week.

I have really missed your face.

I wish

That I could box up all my feelings, just so that they would not run so rampant through my heart.

I love all the right people at all the wrong times.

I fear, however, that any said box would become Pandora’s

Sleepless Knight

is one of my two hero names if I were ever to become a comic book character. The other one being “Five,” but I digress.

I have not been sleeping lately. It is not that I am not “sleeping well,” but that I am not “sleeping” period. If I go to bed, I lie there. If I remain on the couch, then I can usually get three hours of semi-apnea-interrupted sleep in. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with my bed, other than the emptiness it represents. Usually when I get like this, it means someone else is also having a very tough time of it. This seems less likely this time, though, because of the two people I can think of that matter this much to me, one is a very heavy sleeper, and the other…well, just doesn’t need me anymore.

I’m sure it will be okay…it’s fine, I’m fine.

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